Apideck integration

It's time to know how much you get from Apideck!

About Apideck integration

Apideck the the first hosted platform solution for SaaS companies to build their integrations & marketplaces. It feeatures every tool need to showcase apps and inttegrations to visitors, leads and customers. This micro-site was build on Apideck!

journy.io exposes which Apideck activities impact bottom-line sales and revenues, not just the amount of visitors! In other words, journy.io lets you optimise the investments in Apideck in funtion of real ROI/ROAS and CAC. More info...

Apideck integration features

journy.io natively recognises traffic from Apideck through unique combinations of utm_source and utm_medium; or through various native URL referrers.

These are the supported utm parameters:


These are the supported referrers:


Additional utm parameters and referrers can be 'one-click' registered when new Apideck traffic is encountered.

Apideck integration pricing

Apideck is natively integrated into journy.io in all pricing plans, included the forever-free full-featured tier.

Apideck integration screenshots

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