Pipedrive integration

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About Pipedrive

When you hook up Pipedrive with journy.io, you don’t need to build an ETL pipeline or any repeating batch upload processes to keep your Pipedrive instance up-to-date. All of your customer data will stay updated in near-real-time, across all integrations you have sourced in journy.io. Every tool that you use to interact with leads and customers will have the same updated information proliferated at the same time, so you won’t have to worry about different tracking systems or batch upload processes going off at different times, leading to periods where your records don’t match across systems. In addition, journy.io adds health and engagement scoring data to your Pipedrive contacts and company objects, allowing your sales teams to bottom-line sell more, as they now see much more and better actionable customer information.

Pipedrive integration description

journy.io natively integrates with Pipedrive and synchronizes both native data and enriched customer intelligence. journy.io also captures native Pipedrive events when they occur.

Pipedrive data and event synchronization

Source Events — Following events are collected from Pipedrive

Events GroupEvents
EmailsSent, Opened, Clicked, Forwarded, Replied, Subscribed, Unsubscribed, Bounced
DealsCreated, Updated, Deleted, Closed-Won, Closed-Lost
ConversationsInitiated, Updated, Closed
TicketsCreated, Updated, Closed, Solved

Synchonized Objects — Following Objects are synchonized between journy.io and Pipedrive


Pipedrive integration screenshots

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