Slack integration

Be Less Busy with and Slack

About Slack

Discover which marketing and sales campaigns most impact user engagement and revenue growth, and deploy gained intelligence to predict your new leads' profile, interests, and likely-hood to buy. uses various communication channels to notify its users. The integration with Slack will be used to show notifications on new analytical data such as channels (facebook, google,...), campaigns and custom events.

And on another Slack channel, will show you important identified leads that are currently on your website...

Slack integration description

Connecting to Slack is a breeze. Go to to Setup → Integrations → Slack and connect to your Slack account. You'll be able to choose notifications channels for digest and discover notifications, as well as select the types of messages you want to see in your Slack channels. Please see included screenshots.

Slack pricing

Slack is available in all pricing plans, included the forever-free full-featured trial.

Slack integration screenshots

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