SnapChat Ads integration

It's time to know what you really get out of SnapChat Ads!

About SnapChat Ads integration

SnapChat Ads make signing up for business information easy for people and more valuable for businesses. exposes which SnapChat Ads activities impact bottom-line sales and revenues, not just the amount of visitors! In other words, lets you optimise the investments in SnapChat Ads in funtion of real ROI/ROAS and CAC. More info...

SnapChat Ads integration features natively recognises traffic from SnapChat Ads through unique combinations of utm_source and utm_medium; or through various native URL referrers.

These are the supported utm parameters:


There are the no direct supported referrers.

Additional utm parameters and referrers can be 'one-click' registered when new SnapChat Ads traffic is encountered.

SnapChat Ads integration pricing

SnapChat Ads is natively integrated into in all pricing plans, included the forever-free full-featured tier.

SnapChat Ads integration screenshots

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